Winter jackets and health care

While in Europe everyone is looking forward to the summer holidays, winter is coming in South Africa. Very unfortunate for all the children in many underprivileged communities who mostly do not own suitable winter clothes and have to freeze at around 12°C with lots of rain. But not this year! Friday, 30th June was a special day for the communities along Camp Road: We spent the whole day distributing brand new winter jackets to all 3 – 18-year old children from 7de Laan and the surrounding communities. It was a huge success thanks to our thorough planning and the great support by many volunteers!

Above all, this jacket distribution could only be realised thanks to the generous donations from the charity concert at Jupp am See in May, which paid for the 180 new winter jackets. Furthermore we received great support from the community leaders, who provided us with a list of all the kids. This valuable overview of the children was not only very useful for the purchase of the jackets but will also be very handy for the planning of future events.

Hosa Jacket Distribution_0002


So the jackets were ordered, now we had to plan and prepare the big distribution event. Luckily a group from Sweden and other volunteers supported us. They did not only help us preparing the event, but made a great contribution with their gifts and talents at the actual event: In fact one of the volunteers from Sweden – a trained dental hygienist – could check the children’s teeth at the event, whereas others painted the faces of the kids or played soccer with them.



Hosa Jacket Distribution_0001


However, besides all the fun, a lot more happened. The local clinic was there to look at the vaccinations of the children, undertake HIV tests, give out information about the health cards in Cape Town and check the general health of the people on site. In addition our birth assistant had the opportunity to talk to the pregnant women and find out how she can support them. On top fruit packages were handed out to all adults and counseling was provided.


Hosa Jacket Distribution_0003Ultimately the distribution of the jackets was just one part of a whole event, where we managed to offer gather important information for future sustainable support for the people in these communities. An important aspect of this sustainability was our survey that all residents had to fill out before they received a jacket. Through this we mainly wanted to find out, what needs people have, how we can support them better and which of our programs, like the computer course, are of interest to them. With great joy we could see that many people want to participate in our programs and events in the future.


All in all the day was a huge success! The children don’t have to freeze this winter, the parents received healthy food, the health of many could be checked, valuable conversations with the people were made and above all we were able to collect a lot of useful information that will help us to plan future programs and events even better and thus expand our sustainable support for 7de Laan and the surrounding townships. That’s how God shows his love – hands-on! ❤️

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