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The Auras Family

In the mornings; meetings or appearances in court, then later e-mails, phone calls, research and working on cases – that is how my life looked like even a few years ago, when I and my wife Sandra still lived in Remscheid / Germany where I worked as an independent lawyer. But that has changed.

Since 2012 we, that is Rene & Sandra together with our three children Tyron (2008), Taesha (2010) and Dylan (2014), live in in Cape Town / South Africa. How we got here is a long story. In a nutshell, we believe that God not only created each of us uniquely, but also has an equally unique plan for each of our lives, a life of fellowship and communion with God, which – despite all difficulties and challenges, all the ups and downs that life brings – brings deep fulfillment and at the same time also touches and affects the lives of others.

And so God – according to the words of Psalm 37:4: “. Rejoice in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of your heart” – also placed some specific wishes and dreams, along with His love for broken people, into our hearts. The focus of our work is the prison ministry (focusing on gangster / gang members) as well as the work among young people on the streets, follow-up ministry in various Cape Flats communities and advancing the vision of bus project – bringing them simply the love of God.

The Spalke Family

Family Cropped SmallIn October 2015 our family celebrated our 10-year anniversary in South Africa, but our journey in missions started way before we got here:

Marco was not fully satisfied working as an interior decorator and was looking for more. This led him to the interdenominational missions organisation Youth With a Mission where he wanted to work for three months. But he realized that working with the underprivileged and with children is his life calling and so three months became 13 years!

From her last years in high school on it was clear to Justine that she did not want to follow a typical study and career pathway. Because of her friendship with Marco she got to know Youth with a Mission and knew: this is it! Once our friendship became more it was clear to us that God wanted us to serve him together in missions.

After one year of training with YWAM in Norway we set off to South Africa with two suitcases, very little money and a lot of faith. Since then our three Kids Naomi (2008), Noah (2010) and Leon (2013) were born and we all call Cape Town not only our workplace but primarily our home.

During the past ten years our work has changed, but one thing remains: we want to help people that suffer under poverty, disabilities, violence, drugs, broken families and/or separation from God with our practical support and with the strength of Jesus that can change lives.Since June 2014 we are working with the wonderful people in the small community of 7de Laan and also help out with the prison ministry and streetwork.

Lunga Nomongo

Katharina and Lunga are passionate about working with people in the  communities of Cape Town, wanting to see the lives of individuals, families and communities restored and transformed.

We value family and dream of a South Africa that reflects God’s design of family. We are blessed to have our 15 month old daughter Ela-Sophie and we have parental responsibility for 14 year old Emihle (Lunga’s sister).


Nandipha Tatoba 20151109_101158Nandipha Tatoba

Nandipha was drawn to HOSA because of it’s focus to bring skills, knowledge and truth to the communities so that they can become agents of their own change. 

She is a member of Little Zebra Books, a non-governmental organization that distributes books to rural villages in their local language. She is staff member for Youth with a Mission (YWAM Muizenberg) and a founder of the Philippi Arts Academy (PAA), an organization that trains children and youth in arts. She believes that children are the future! Nandipha splits her time between working for PAA and a local church.



Simon Davies

I’m Simon married to Angharad and we have a young daughter Amaris. I’m from Manchester in the UK and I’ve been in South Africa for 8 years. I work in the local prison and desire to see the marginalied becoming transformes as they meet Jesus and then go onto transform their families and communities.





The Harger Family

Harger FamJordan & Heather came from the U.S. to South Africa with their four children (Esther, Silas, Phoebe, & Asher) in 2015. Their focus is to reduce injustice and inequality through family preservation, sustainable living, healthcare, and education. Jordan has a degree from Clemson University and served as a firefighter and paramedic prior to their transition. Heather has a degree from Anderson University and spent several years as a public school teacher and natural health blogger. Jordan & Heather now are finding solutions through aquaponic farming, maternal support initiatives, and wellness education. They love to include their children in their work as they firmly believe that their entire family and each of their unique gifts were called to be used in South Africa.


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