Our History

Countless non-profit organisations and aid associations exist across the world – in Germany, South Africa and everywhere else… Why then did we see the need to add to the list by founding HOSA?

As missionaries in South Africa we have chosen to take care of our own support base to enable us to work here. Hence we can not administratively rely on already established systems of a big mission organisation, that would explicitly deal with our projects. In the past, we happily took that sacrifice and instead collaborated with partner organisations in Germany and South Africa, that graciously let us ride on their backs. That was, and partially still is, a huge blessing, as we would not have been able to safely and transparently bring donations to South Africa. But at the same time, this “outsourcing” brought some frustrations with it, as sometimes the growth and efficiency of our projects was hindered or the costs of admin were outside of our influence. The more the Lord provided, meaning the more He blessed the projects with resources, the more sensible it seemed to us to stand on our own feet organisationally. It was also important to us to have our own team that would could rely on spiritually and emotionally, giving us the reassurance that we are not alone!

So out of the need came an idea… which became a vision… which turned into a Non-Profit Organisation! In January 2014 HOSA Germany was founded through the enthusiastic help of a few special people (check out our German Board)! In June 2015 our local missionaries and the South African Board founded a twin organisation with the same name, HOSA South Africa, which will serve as the direct link between HOSA Germany and the local projects. To have a local NPO also enables our team to function as a legal entity, steward funding better and carry transparent ownership of assets.

We are so excited to see how God uses HOSA as a channel to sustainably develop the lives of underprivileged people in Southern Africa through very practical means and the relationship to our local team. We can’t wait to see how “Our History” will look like in a few years time!

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Our Projects

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