When Vision becomes Reality


When God speaks and you pray for many years and you wait and you do your humanly best… and then the first (big!) step of this vision becomes reality… then it’s truly time to celebrate! That’s exactly what happened two weeks ago at HOSA, when a member of our local team, René, signed the contract to purchase a double decker bus! Here is some more info taken from his personal newsletter:


“Finally we see some progress in our bus project! Most of you remember that we since 2013 had the vision to buy a double decker bus and convert it into a mobile Christian Youth- and Community Centre for the main gang-hotspots and problem areas in the Cape Flats. End of 2014 we had the feeling that the time for this vision to be fulfilled was getting closer.

After looking at a suitable double decker bus about 10 months ago, in June 2015, we now finally were able to sign the sales agreement for the bus last week. We are very excited but at the same time also feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. What will God do through this bus in the Cape Flats in the lives of many gangsters and high-risk youth and young adults?

For now we have to wait for a legal waiting period of 30 days before the bus will be transferred into the name of our NPO HOSA – Hope Southern Africa, which is to happen between June 6th and June 8th. After that we can start with the conversion and refurbishment – and this is going to be a lot of work!

René and his wife Sandra after signing the contract

René and his wife Sandra after signing the contract

First we will get the bus stripped in order to do some structural welding work and completely repanel it new and reseal all windows. Then there will be lots of work in the interior: creating seating and working areas on the upper deck, setting up a computer area and a counselling room, recarpeting the walls and ceiling, recabling and setting up of electricity, sound, etc., renovating the coffee bar, etc. etc. etc. …Finally we will have a graffiti crew coming in to spray the while bus with a scene of the Cape Flats and some elements that bring the Gospel and the gang culture of our target group together.

You see, we have lots to do – and that beside the ongoing work and growing in Pollsmoor prison, in the 7de Laan township and on the streets…”


If God has done the first step, he will also enable our team to walk all the next ones. We are grateful for any prayer support we can get for this wonderful opportunity to reach many with the love of Christ!

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