Project Description

The streetwork in Cape Town is quite flexible. Every Friday morning and night some of us spend hours on the streets, spaces and parks of inner-city Cape Town. We build relationships to people who live or work on the streets, pray with them and try to bring the love of God to the streets in word and deed.

What does this look like?

It means having a conversation with one of the many street prostitutes, where we just listen and affirm their self-worth and dignity, the love of God and pray for them. It means to assist a drug addict to find a place in a drug rehab, to support and walk with them during this period in rehab through regular visits and phone calls to encourage them and at the same time to ensure that they at least have the basics (duvet, toiletries, some clothing, etc.) for this time. It means praying for healing of the inevitable wounds and sicknesses of street people, for inner healing or at times just to give someone a hug.

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