Project Description

Several areas in this huge region will be targeted on a regular basis several times a week. The target areas are initially Mitchells Plain (Tafelsig / Eastridge), the gang strongholds; Hanover Park and Manenberg as well as Cape Town CBD. In addition, the bus can occasionally be used for special events in other parts of Cape Town.

The people who live in these areas all face major challenges, such as poverty, unemployment, school drop-outs, lack of father figures and broken homes, teenage pregnancies, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, substance abuse / alcohol or drug addiction, gangsterism and gang violence, prostitution and a general attitude of hopelessness.

We believe that Jesus alone can bring hope, healing and fundamental and lasting change and restoration in the life of individuals as well as entire communities and regions.

Through the operation of the bus as a mobile youth and community center we create a safe space for young and broken high-risk people, where they can be heard in a safe, enjoyable and prejudice-free environment, and receive advice, counselling and support in their needs as well as the love, healing and restoration of God.

This will be achieved through individual and group counselling and pastoral care, as well as Christian programs, for instance in the areas of drug counselling, programs about sexual purity for young girls, life skills training, as well as homework supervision, job training, etc. In addition, the bus can also be used as a youth center; a safe place where young people can have fun and relax despite their tense and dangerous situation and environment.

The operation of the bus ensures continuity in our outreach to our target group through our other branches of ministry. The bus enables us to continuously and  effectively walk with and assist them in their different communities without having to rely on costly premises, which are non-existent in some places or would restrict our work to only a few areas.

The programs are to be run in cooperation with interdenominational teams and local churches and NGO’s to ensure sustainability.

We do not expect that these high-risk and broken people come to us but we go to them and meet them where they are at in life.

Planned conversion:

On the lower level we intend to create a spacious seating area with sofas, a sound system and a coffee / juice bar incl. Coffee / hot-water urn and refrigerator. We plan also to install 5 computers as well as a mobile internet hotspot for educational content. The seating area can be used for individual or group programs with young people. For written exercises or homework supervision for children, small fold-able tables will be installed.

The bus will be equipped with a projector and roll-down screen or alternatively flat screen monitors on both decks and a generator to power the sound system, refrigerator and coffee / hot water urn. Alternatively the installation of solar panels is possible.

The upper deck will have an additional seating area under the covered section which can also be used for consultation, counselling and group events / programs. Another small counselling area will be created in the drivers cabin. To ensure some privacy but at the same time for the protection of the team as well as the children / youth all dividing doors will be see-through.

In the open section of the upper deck will be some more folding seats with sufficient free space remaining in order to use this area as a stage for open-air events. We plan also to install – depending on the available space – a smaller pool table or a table football for the youth.

Externally, the bus will have chosen graffiti and offer the opportunity to roll out a canopy or set up a pavilion.

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