“It takes a village…”


We have a famous saying in Africa: it takes a village to raise a child. It indicates the importance of community, that it’s not possible to help a child grow up to become a responsible member of society without the help of people around you, the family, the neighbours… basically a network of people who seek the best for a child and who support the parents in their immense responsibility, having their back when boundaries get tested or practical support is needed.

CarmenandchildHere at HOSA we fully agree with this age-old principle and translate it to our work, especially in 7de Laan, where we literally assist around 70 children and their families while they grow up. We keep realizing: we can’t do this alone! That is why partnerships and a close network of key role players are so important. Some partners help out on the ground with the day to day work. Others make the work possible in the first place by their wholehearted support from afar.

One of these partners is the Freundeskreis Wakkerstroom e.V. (Friends of Wakkerstroom). This German NGO began its work that arose from the need of helping young South Africans in their educational journey. For years, the Friends of Wakkerstroom have been enabling young people from farm schools in a wine area outside of Cape Town to visit nearby High Schools and Baording Schools in order to provide them with the best chances for life possible. Through a personal friendship with our staff Marco und Justine, who serve as advisors for the Friends of Wakkerstroom on the South African side, a partnership with HOSA developed.

Because our Hope School is sharing the same vision to maximise the hidden potential of img_3033previously underprivileged children through education we have become very blessed beneficiaries of the Friends of Wakkerstroom’s support. The salaries for two of our preschool teachers are being covered for a whole year (until March 2017) and the soup kitchen, which helps all kids in the community with warm meals, is sponsored too. This creates such a strong foundation for learning and development as hungry children suffer of weak minds and are inhibited in their development.

We are excited about the support and trust that the Friends of Wakkerstroom NGO is extending to us for the 7de Laan project and we are looking forward to a future of offering each other a hand of help.




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