Dignity Day 2017


Our dear Phoebe summarised our Dignity Day great – thank you, but just read for yourself:

Scones a la Aunty Joan

Many of your have heard that we have been planning a “Dignity Day” in 7de Laan and it finally happened on the 18th of February. 32 girls, 12 to 20 years old, came to the Hope Centre to experience an unforgettable day with us. Aunty Joan started the day off on the right foot with delicious home made scones.

Every girl received a Dignity Diary, which they could use to take notes during the day and which holds a lot of encouragement, tips and tricks. It also enabled them to process the long and full day quietly on their own once they got home.

In the morning we covered three topics: identity, belonging and purpose!

Dignity Diary

Sandra shared her own life story in her encouraging teaching about identity. She used different activities to encourage them to face and process their own identity.

Sandra und Diana mit gebastelten Frauen

Sandra and Diana

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We continued with Diana on belonging. Where do I even belong and who influences me? This is no small question in the townships of South Africa. The family unit is seldom a traditional father+mother+child concept. There are usually a lot of step-siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins in the picture.




Justine hilft

Justine is supporting

Aunty Joan und Marley mit unserem hammer genialen Mittagessen

Aunty Joan und Marley mit genialem Mittagessen

Phoebe had the chance to share on purpose before the lunch break. What are my dreams and how can I live them out? The girls got to plant a seed as a symbolic action of nurturing your dream: a seed can grow and bear fruit  when taken care of properly, just as a dream can become reality when we make the right choices in life and actively steward our future. This topic is strongly on my heart and I sincerely hope the girls will hold on to their dreams and goals and won’t be thrown down by the storms of life.

The afternoon was dedicated to the physical changes during puberty, hormones, etc. Justine has an amazing way of communicating these delicate topics. The girls were mesmerised, we laughed and learned a lot together. At the end the girls were able to choose a reusable menstrual product, so that they won’t have to miss out on valuable time at school due to poverty and therefore can finish school one day, not having missed out all these weeks.


Travel the world



Ein Traum wird gepflanzt

Plant a dream









Das mag ich an dir!

i like you!

Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart


Heather and the reception

We are excited to meet the girls again on the 11th of March when it’s time to pick up their products. A huge THANK YOU to all of you who made this day possible! Your donation has already changed the lives of these girls for the better.

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