Growing ambitions for our aquaponics garden


Our aquaponics garden is providing fresh organic food for the 7 de Laan community, and, with our new expanded area, soon a source of income too. What is aquaponics? Aquaponics is a great way to grow vegetables, salad and herbs. It has two parts which work in harmony: plants which grow in water (not soil), and fish ponds. The fish waste provides an organic food source for the plants, and the plants filter the water for the fish. Why did we start aquaponic farming at 7 de Laan? There are four things which really make mehr lesen »

God is healing people in South Africa

God is healing people! Especially in the past weeks we were blessed to witness how God healed people around us, both spiritually and physically. We visited a conference with several men from 7de Laan and saw with our own eyes that God still works miracles today. We were encouraged to have faith in this and live it out by praying for the sick. Many people were healed at this conference: there were some that could not walk anymore or only under a great amount of pain. After we prayed for their healing, they were able mehr lesen »

The bus is rolling… in Manenberg

Since 2013 our vision has been to travel around the Cape Flats gang areas in a double decker bus, kitted out as a mobile youth and church centre. This August, after about a year of repairs and renovating, with many setbacks and delays on the way, it was finally time to kick off the project in Manenberg.   Manenberg is home to around 52,000 people and one of the most notorious areas for gangs, drugs and all the issues associated with them. Shootings between street gangs and the police are commonplace, with many people killed mehr lesen »

Winter jackets and health care

While in Europe everyone is looking forward to the summer holidays, winter is coming in South Africa. Very unfortunate for all the children in many underprivileged communities who mostly do not own suitable winter clothes and have to freeze at around 12°C with lots of rain. But not this year! Friday, 30th June was a special day for the communities along Camp Road: We spent the whole day distributing brand new winter jackets to all 3 – 18-year old children from 7de Laan and the surrounding communities. It was a huge success thanks to our thorough mehr lesen »


Friends, Partner and a Heart for Education


“Education is the strongest weapon to change the world” were the powerful words of Nelson Mandela. We fully agree and believe that education is a big factor in order to see a new generation grow up i 7de Laan. But we cannot shoulder this huge responsibility on our own – a network of partners and friends has developed over the years. Amongst those is the Freundeskreis Wakkerstroom e.V that we shared more about in September 2016. The German NGO supports children and youth in South Africa in their academic journey. Through their personal connection with mehr lesen »

Dignity Day 2017


Our dear Phoebe summarised our Dignity Day great – thank you, but just read for yourself: Many of your have heard that we have been planning a “Dignity Day” in 7de Laan and it finally happened on the 18th of February. 32 girls, 12 to 20 years old, came to the Hope Centre to experience an unforgettable day with us. Aunty Joan started the day off on the right foot with delicious home made scones. Every girl received a Dignity Diary, which they could use to take notes during the day and which holds a mehr lesen »