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Friends, Partner and a Heart for Education


“Education is the strongest weapon to change the world” were the powerful words of Nelson Mandela. We fully agree and believe that education is a big factor in order to see a new generation grow up i 7de Laan. But we cannot shoulder this huge responsibility on our own – a network of partners and friends has developed over the years. Amongst those is the Freundeskreis Wakkerstroom e.V that we shared more about in September 2016. The German NGO supports children and youth in South Africa in their academic journey. Through their personal connection with mehr lesen »


“It takes a village…”


We have a famous saying in Africa: it takes a village to raise a child. It indicates the importance of community, that it’s not possible to help a child grow up to become a responsible member of society without the help of people around you, the family, the neighbours… basically a network of people who seek the best for a child and who support the parents in their immense responsibility, having their back when boundaries get tested or practical support is needed. Here at HOSA we fully agree with this age-old principle and translate it to our mehr lesen »

When Vision becomes Reality


When God speaks and you pray for many years and you wait and you do your humanly best… and then the first (big!) step of this vision becomes reality… then it’s truly time to celebrate! That’s exactly what happened two weeks ago at HOSA, when a member of our local team, René, signed the contract to purchase a double decker bus! Here is some more info taken from his personal newsletter:   “Finally we see some progress in our bus project! Most of you remember that we since 2013 had the vision to buy a mehr lesen »


Hope School is up and running!


In the last months we have been working hard in 7de Laan, especially in the Hope Community Centre. On the 1st of February 2016 the Hope Early Childhood Development Centre (also known as Hope School) opened its doors for 9 children, aged 3 t0 5, from the community. Last year our Advisory Board of different preschool teachers, special needs experts and therapists stuck their heads together to plan and begin the registration process with the local government.  In December and January we interviewed and employed our wonderful teachers Carmen, Lucinda and Jade, each of them mehr lesen »


Fire in 7de Laan


Last night (Tuesday,the 1st of December) the residents of 7de Laan were surprised by a fire that destroyed five homes. Thanks be to God that no one was hurt. After the flames were extinguished and hence it was made sure that no other shacks (that are built closely together and of very flammable matierials) were affected, we were able to house the now homeless families in the Hope Community Centre for the night. At the moment the incidents of wild fires (along the slopes of Cape Town’s mountains) and in the townships are numerous. Just mehr lesen »

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