D. * is 21 years old. For almost two years he sat in the awaiting trial section of Medium A, the Juvenile prison of Pollsmoor. Pollsmoor, which mehr lesen »


Kathy has lived in 7 de Laan since 2008, but she already gained a lot of respect in the community because of her calm and reasonable nature. mehr lesen »


From Vision to Reality – that’s an exciting journey! We were asking the question of how we can reach and walk with the people with whom we mehr lesen »


A while ago Sandra facilitated a Holiday Kids Club in the neighbourhood where she grew up, during which she met two sisters age 13 and 17. The two mehr lesen »


On the streets, squares and parks of inner-city Cape Town we meet the most interesting and diverse kind of people. There are young homeless men and women mehr lesen »

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Friends, Partner and a Heart for Education


“Education is the strongest weapon to change the world” were the powerful words of Nelson Mandela. We fully agree and believe that education is a big factor in order to see a new generation grow up i 7de Laan. But we cannot shoulder this huge responsibility on our own – a network of partners and friends has developed over the years. Amongst those is the Freundeskreis Wakkerstroom e.V that we shared more about in September 2016. The German NGO supports children and youth in South Africa in their academic journey. Through their personal connection with our staff Marco and Justine a partnership developed with HOSA too. We want … read more »

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Our Projects

Pollsmoor a place of new beginnings

Prison Ministry

What is going on behind bars in South African prisons … more »

Kreefgat 5

Youth-at-Risk Cape Flats

Support for children, youth and young adults in social hotspots the of the Cape Flats… ... more »

Arbeit mit Obdachlosen


Young and homeless – the dark side of inner-city Cape Town… more »


7de Laan

Many townships in South Africa have developed into large cities in the past years. A lot ... more »

Bus sample

Our bus

We stay in touch through our mobile youth and community centre in our double decker bus … more »



At HOSA we understand the dynamics and the challenges of projects and initiatives ... more »